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Rest Api

We build backend functionalities using REST APIs to give our customers access to every product on any device from anywhere in the world. The user interface of application fetches data stored on the server and updates data fields entered by each users via APIs.

Modern web applications make use of REST APIs with JSON responses because it is quicker to integrate and faster for applications to parse JSON data, which makes your product’s end user experience much better. Do you know that Your first versionof APIs are private to your company and used by the web and mobile applications which is builded for you by our development team.

Once you get more user traffics, brand publicity, proper api documented, third party developer will integrate an existing product with your public APIs. The public APIs which you are going to expose need not to be free, you can charge third-party developers per API call for access to your most valuable data.

Our Rest API solutions cover the development, integration, publishing, documentation, deployment and continuous maintenance of APIs. We develop robust API architectures and security features like key encryptions, access control dashboards, single sign-on, authentication and many more. We make use of API testing platforms like Postman, HttpMaster to perform API tests and manage testing automation protocols.

Why Rest API

  • It is scalable.

  • Low use of resources.

  • Process instances are created explicitly.

  • Allows variety of data formats.

  • Faster and uses less bandwidth.

  • Supports SSL and HTTPS.

  • Data can be marked as cacheable.

  • Establishes uniform interface.

Sample Json Response

Json Response

Summary of HTTP Methods for RESTful APIs

Below table summarises the use of HTTP methods in combination with the resource URIs :

Http Methods

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP defines standard status codes that are divided into the five categories presented below :

Status Codes

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