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Importance of SSL Certificate
  • January 14, 2019

A brief Introduction.

SSL certificate is nothing but a digital security layer, which helps to protect your data while travelling from web browser to server. If you are going to serve your website over HTTPS, you will gain access to the advanced browser features, HTTP/2, and avoid browser warnings.

Being more secure is always important, because you will get full benefit through Transport Layer Security protocol, which in terms provide 3 key layers of protection:

Well, duh. USA's Mr. Robot is probably the most accurate and detailed dramatic portrayal ever made of current hacking practices and hacker culture. Its depiction of the cybersecurity community and its broader meditation on the relationship!

Selecting the Right Chose

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Hundreds of millions of online accounts were compromised in corporate data breaches, the US presidential election process was plagued by cyber-meddling, internet infrastructure companies faced massive digital attacks that disrupted web connectivity for millions of people!

How to save your dream house in Disaster

It's not every day that a network drama puts the ethics and repercussions of bulk surveillance at the core of its premise, but CBS's Person of Interest managed to do it successfully. The show combines government surveillance to stop terrorist attacks with an eccentric hacker billionaire and vigilante justice.

The story of whistleblower Edward Snowden is the most dramatic spy story of the decade. An Oliver Stone biopic was inevitable. So here it is. As movies almost always do, Snowden eliminates the nuance from this complicated and controversial story!